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My name is Claudia, I am a professional German teacher in Munich-Taufkirchen and I’ve got a lot of experience how to make even the German declination system clear and good too learn. You will laugh a lot in my classes because humour and a relaxed atmosphere makes learning a lot easier. And I will have more fun while working. You can choose taking online classes with me or you can come to Taufkirchen and I’ll teach you here. I’ve been teaching both in real and virtual classrooms for years and I thoroughly enjoy my profession. If you have any doubts or questions regarding my classes please don’t hesitate to ask!

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My classes are usually one-to-one tutorials (private tuition). Occassionally there are mini-groups with two or three students. For firms and other organizations I also offer group classes for their employees at work.

I graduated from Munich university in German as a Foreign Language, M.A. (Only to avoid misunderstandings: Of course I am a native speaker of German). I have given a lot of German classes in many renowned schools, e.g. the Goethe-Institute and the University of New South Wales, Australia. References will be provided upon request.

I work for myself, therefore my motivation to give really good classes is much higher than of some completely underpaid teacher who works for a school (severe underpayment is unfortunately normal in this business). Here, the boss teaches herself!

What people say

„Claudia is the only German language teacher in a long line of others who could explain to me just how my mother-tongue (English) was interfering with my ability to learn German.
She is patient and purposeful in her teaching and will find the methods and the tool that suits your learning style. I found that Claudia would encourage me to use my own handwritten memory cards just as readily as she would encourage me to use an app on my mobile phone.

Claudia is superb!!!“

Alan from Australia

Civil and Structural Engineering CAD-Drafter

„Claudia not only teaches me German, but also educates me about German history and culture, which is very helpful as an expatriate living in Germany.

I’ve never been good at learning languages, but her lessons are enjoyable, fun and not stressful at all. Because of Claudia, I speak German confidently with friends and at work.

Claudia comes with my highest recommendations!“

Lara from USA


„As I wanted to improve my German as fast as possible I attended classes in several language schools. However it was with Claudia that my learning the German language got on the right path. Claudia sorted and improved determinedly my way of writing and pronouncing, we did a lot of conversation and listening. I feel much more secure now when I’m talking to people.“

„Poiché il mio obiettivo era di migliorare il tedesco il più velocemente possibile, ho frequentato dei corsi in alcune scuole di lingua. Però è stato con Claudia che il mio apprendimento del tedesco ha preso una svolta. Claudia ha sistemato e migliorato decisamente il mio modo di scrivere e la mia pronuncia, abbiamo fatto tanta conversazione ed ascolto e mi sento molto più sicuro quando parlo con le persone.“

Marcello from Italy


„My arrival in Germany was difficult because my German was rather poor.

Claudia Mund is above all an expert in her work. She knows a lot about psychology and is a great friend who filled the lack of my friends from Macedonia. She taught me a lot and made it easy for me to learn speaking and writing in German and was happy to reveal to me all secrets of learning German fast.

If we could turn back time I would choose Claudia Mund again and I recommend her to anyone, regardless of age.“

„Моето доаѓање во Германија беше тешко бидејќи мојот германски јазик беше прилично лош.

Клаудија Мунд е пред се специјалист во својата работа. Таа има многу познавања од психологија и е одлична пријателка која го пополни недостатокот на моите пријатели од Македонија. Таа ме научи многу, ми олесни да научам да зборувам и пишувам германски и ми ги откри сите тајни на учење германски јазик што е можно побрзо.

Кога би можеле да го вратиме времето, повторно би ја избрала Клаудија Мунд и ја препорачувам на секој што сака да научи германски, без разлика на возраста.“

Mithad from Macedonia