German Classes

You would like to feel save and secure in German?

You hate it when people automatically switch to English when you try speaking German to them? During lunch in the canteen you understand only half and you have to guess the rest? When they make an announcement on the S-Bahn you quickly look around to see what others are doing? New mail from the tax office means another trip to your nice collegue to find out what they tell you? And if these tax people expect you to write an answer in German you are really stressed?

Or you do not have any idea about German at all and you would like to start from scratch?

Or you are very advanced in German but now you really want to reach a native speaker C2 level in this language?

Then my German classes will help you.


I am a big fan of Maria Montessori and her pedagogic principles. Her motto Help me to do it myself is mine, too.

Together we are building systematically your ample German vocabulary. No words – no language.

I offer you contrastive classes illuminating the different structures of your mother tongue and German. We will do so because different language systems in one head usually interfere with each other causing problems in the new target language. However my contrastive classes allow you to develop a deep understanding how languages work and to control these interferences.


Don’t be afraid of grammar! Grammar is WONDERFUL! No matter what was your experience with grammar up to now I’ll convince you of this fact. I’ll explain grammar using a lot of colours and pictures (yes, you can actually see grammar!) and it will be fun. In the moment you understand in which principle these German endings change your brain will be flushed in dopamine, believe me.

Of course we will practice everything so you can use these structures without thinking about them. In case you should have a moment of doubt when writing a German email the grammar rule I taught you will provide you with the security you need.

We’ll systematically take care of your pronunciation and together we will develop listening strategies allowing you to manage situations when you do not understand all words yet.

State approved exams

If your objective is a state exam in German as a foreign language we’ll go through the exam format step by step, in this way you’ll get a clear idea what is coming. Together with a sound understanding of language structures and practical training this will give you the security to do well in the test.

And of course we’ll laugh a lot because laughing relaxes and a relaxed mind learns so much more easily. 😊