Learning German from Scratch

Fast Paced A1/1 online class – 12 days – two weeks

What is required?
– You are an experienced learner, e. g. you have a university degree – You have an idea about grammar and a very basic idea about how languages work, i.e. you know what is a verb, a noun, a subject in grammar, an object in grammar, a main clause, a sub clause, an adverb, a tense system, an infinitive, an indefinite article, a superlative. AND – AND THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT – – you are ready and able to do about 90 – 120 minutes of German homework each day. That means: reading, writing, listening, correcting yourself with a provided solution key, watching language videos and you should dedicate 50 % of your studying time to learning words (I’ll provide you with instructions how to do that most effectively.) NO WORDS – NO LANGUAGE
What do you need?
– a Gmail address – a printer to print work sheets – a set of highlighter pens in yellow, orange and blue, a set of fineliner pens in the same colours + red, paper, pencil – functioning internet connection
How do my classes work?
– very small intensive class with only two participants and one teacher, i.e. you, one learning partner and me to take care of you – 12 days intensive class: Monday, 28 March 2022 – Saturday 2 April 2022 (six days) Monday, 4 April 2022 – Saturday 9 April 2022 (six days) All days: 2 teaching units of 45 minutes: 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. CEST – We’ll use the video platform – The first class will be a free try out class of 45 min., we’ll get to know each other and you get to know my teaching style. We’ll start right into it speaking German only. If both of you speak English in very rare cases I might use one single word of English to clarify something but this will be rare and the absolute exception. We’ll get right into listening and talking. – If you liked the try out lesson we’ll conclude a contract and continue the class.
Which books do you need?
We’ll use the books Motive A1 text book and work book, especially designed for fast paced classes with experienced learners. Motive A1 books are available both as real books or digital. However I urge you to get a real copy of the book in which you can write with a pen. Why? Recent findings in neuroscience show that people remember things better when they write things down with a pen compared to when they are typing them because handwriting activates more brain areas. If you are based in Germany support your local bookstore (they mean cultural freedom and independence!) and order your books from them. Any German bookstore can provide you with these books within 48 h, usually within 24 h. Anyway, if you cannot get hold of a real copy – a digital one will do as well!
How lessons are structured
Every lesson, we start with solving the problems you could not conquer by looking up the solution key. (Usually there won’t be many.) Then we will go through the lessons in our text book. My focus will be to provide you with knowledge to become independent of my teaching. This is – my deep conviction – what all really good teacher do: They help you to become independent of them. Or as Maria Montessori says: Help me to do it myself. For example I’ll provide you with methods to check for yourself whether a German sentence is grammatically correct or how to learn words effectively. We’ll use all these colourful pens and highlighters and grammar we’ll be a colourful fun, I promise! Find out more about my classes on After having finished A1/1 we can continue with A1/2 if you wish. Price: 624 EUR (26 EUR per TU) + 1 Free Try-Out-Lesson! Price is due after our free try out lesson. Looking forward to meeting you! Claudia P.S.: You’ve got a learning partner but this schedule does not suit you? Just write me a message or give me a call: CONTACT.